Smith River Flyfishing Expeditions

Fully guided float trips from Montana Flyfishing Connection on the famous Smith River in central Montana.

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The Smith River Experience

Montana Flyfishing Connection, LLC is a professional guide service formed around the angler – guide relationship. Our close-knit group of guides are passionate about sharing their knowledge with you in the pursuit of great trout. Owner Joe Sowerby is dedicated to making your trip down the Smith an unforgettable experience. He and his expert crew consistently look for ways to make your 60-mile float trip better. Safe, fun and full of trout, they can’t wait to share the Smith river with you.

Not Just Great Fishing

The first hint of the Smith's canyon appears as very small headwalls. Meadows give way to steeper slopes and long benches. The headwalls then begin to grow higher, more frequent, until the river winds into a "half canyon" with towering sculptured limestone cliffs on one side and gently sloping meadows on the other.

Wildlife is abundant throughout the river corridor. Nesting waterfowl patrol the banks of the river as migratory songbirds search the bushes and the sky for an unsuspecting stonefly. A mid-day hike in the foothills may be rewarded with the treasure of a "shed" elk or deer antler.

Grizzly bears are rumored to roam the nearby mountain ranges, but have never been seen in the river corridor. However, a sighting of a Black Bear in its blond color phase may have you second guessing. The last day of the journey leaves the canyon behind and gives way to the beautiful central Montana prairie.

Planning Your Trip

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